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Notes hangs while switching between windows within Notes
~Dana Bubwevitchoni 11/17/2003 02:49 PM
Notes Client 6.5; 6.0.2 CF2; 6.0.2 CF1; 6.0.2; 6.0.1 CF2; 6.0.1 CF1; 6.0.1; 6.0 Windows XP

Hi. I am faced with a very frustrating problem where Notes freezes up/hangs randomly when a user with Windows XP switches between message windows in Notes. This has happened with 2 different users now both with Windows XP.

I have tried R6.0.2 Cf1, R6.5, tried uninstalling/reinstalling after cleaning out all registry entries etc, rebuilt the dsk files, bookmark.nsf,names.nsf, re-created mailfile replicas,there are no tasks in the task manager taking up too many system resources. The machine is brand new and no other apps are having any problems. I have also tweaked the paging file but the problem continues.

Initially users had the 'background replicator' turned on but that has been disabled now but this hasnt changed anything at all.

Does anyone out there know whats causing this. Thanks much.



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